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My Video Game Demo was co-written, edited, mixed, and produced by Rachael Messer ( via Sunny Blue Studios (

About Voice Actor

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What are you creating today? How can I help you make it a reality? Whether you're developing a video game, publishing an audiobook, or producing an e-learning module, the right voice can make the difference in truly bringing your project to life. I'm ready and able to give you the performance you need to reach your goals.


For years, I've been passionate about using my voice to reach audiences in a variety of applications, from radio to podcasts and more. Now, my services are at your disposal. From heroic protagonists and sadistic villains to thoughtful, patient narrators, I can bring a dramatic, aspirational and engaging delivery to any project. My expertise doesn't end there; I make it my mission to provide stellar customer service and will work closely with you throughout the creative process to ensure your needs are met.


Feel free to reach out and share your ideas with me. I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you. My prices are negotiable and I'm flexible enough to meet any reasonable deadline. I can't wait to hear from you!



"The voice of Conner Howard will surprise you... in many ways! From edgy, serious, informative and authoritative to conversational or wildly animated characters, Conner delivers! His attention to voiceover details is superb and his customer service is second-to-none. Hire Conner Howard for your next VO project, you won't be disappointed!"

—  Ron Allan, owner, BIG VOICE Productions, LLC

Cast Member | "Hohenheim"; Episodes 1-5 | "King Nost"; Episode 5

Archion is an original fiction podcast written, directed, and produced by Caleb Hughes. It follows a a group of young hunters from the Archion Demon Hunting League. Among them is Simeon Harigold, a young man with talents most others don't have. When Simeon learns of the disappearance of his older brother, nothing, not even League rules, will stop him from finding him.

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Voice Cast | "Edwin"

Wolfskin's Curse is a gothic mystery visual novel/adventure game available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The story follows Ilona, a former nun seeking a cure for her companion Edwin, who suffers from a werewolf's curse.

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Promotional Voiceover

A brief promotional video pitching managed, enterprise-level security services from CBTS, a leading technology consulting firm.

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Host and Producer since 2019

The Lore Party Podcast Network is a group of high-quality shows dedicated to celebrating video game storytelling and the power of stories to shape who we are. We believe gaming can be much more than escapist entertainment, and we believe no other medium can tell stories in the way games can. Our shows explore the worlds we love and the stories that have changed us.

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