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My Video Game Demo was co-written, edited, mixed, and produced by Rachael Messer ( via Sunny Blue Studios (

About Voice Actor

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What are you creating today? How can I help you make it a reality? Whether you're developing a video game, publishing an audiobook, or producing an e-learning module, the right voice can make the difference in truly bringing your project to life. I'm ready and able to give you the performance you need to reach your goals.


For years, I've been passionate about using my voice to reach audiences in a variety of applications, from radio to podcasts and more. Now, my services are at your disposal. From heroic protagonists and sadistic villains to thoughtful, patient narrators, I can bring a dramatic, aspirational and engaging delivery to any project. My expertise doesn't end there; I make it my mission to provide stellar customer service and will work closely with you throughout the creative process to ensure your needs are met.


Feel free to reach out and share your ideas with me. I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you. My rates are negotiable and I'm flexible enough to meet any reasonable deadline. I can't wait to hear from you!



"Conner is the guy-next-door, the booming master of ceremony, the comedian, the empath, the intellect. In other words, he’s an actor - with a voice that can ping pong perfectly between reality and theatricality. I can’t think of a single job he wouldn’t be perfect for."

—  Lesley Bailey, coach and demo consultant, Voiceover Gurus


The most unrelenting evil of all is the one which believes itself good. An unintended evil stalks the land, gathering countless victims to itself as it extends its reach; an evil born of the noblest intentions gone horribly awry.


After it claims his only remaining family, young Kelwyn vows to track it down and end it, no matter the personal cost. With little more than hope and a promise, he sets out on a journey whose end lies shrouded in uncertainty. He knows he cannot win, but he will not, cannot stop. Before his journey is over, he will discover places he’s only heard of from rumor and legend, and face terrors from the past he once thought long gone. 


From mountain holds to arid deserts, his vow drives him inexorably toward the final confrontation to save his family. But in the end, will the cost be too high?

©2020 George David Walker (P)2023 George David Walker

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Voice Cast | "Cosmo/Planet Man"

Could you survive a night in this haunted Observatory? Or will the secrets and mysteries of the cosmos spark a curiosity that will haunt you forever?

"Haunted Observatory" is an original short by filmmaker Keegan Larwin featuring a combination of live footage, motion capture and computer-generated 3D animation.

Watch here!


Voice Cast, Season 6 | "Skerridge"
Voice Cast, Season 7 | "Lavigne"

When an ageing detective's partner undergoes some radical changes, the conflict between them jeopardises the hunt for a notorious felon. Set in a sprawling dystopian metropolis called 'The Strata' and featuring an ensemble cast, this podcast interweaves a collection of stories into a single overarching narrative. A fantastic world. Characters that feel real. A story that won't let go. The Strata is a Beyond the Dark production.

Listen here!

Featured Work


The Rebellion has fallen. The door to the Outside has been opened. And the one who opened it - Jurien Arminius - is now the most powerful man in Darcentaria. But everything they have known is about to change forever. Separated by Arminius, but fighting to get back to each other, El and Torsten encounter unlikely allies that reveal stunning truths about each other, the Outside, and the very beginnings of Darcentaria itself.

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Voice Cast | "Rebel"

Deep beneath the streets of The City of Glass, Seeker bots search and destroy operational robots. But the robot underground is alive and well, helping lost robots find their way home. Join the streetwise and idealistic Rebel as he guides a scared, wayward bot to safety.

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Voice Cast | "Hohenheim"; Episodes 1-12 | "King Nost"; Episode 5

Archion is an original fiction podcast written, directed, and produced by Caleb Hughes. It follows a a group of young hunters from the Archion Demon Hunting League. Among them is Simeon Harigold, a young man with talents most others don't have. When Simeon learns of the disappearance of his older brother, nothing, not even League rules, will stop him from finding him.

Hear the full series on Spotify!

Voice Cast | "Edwin"

Wolfskin's Curse is a gothic mystery visual novel/adventure game available for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The story follows Ilona, a former nun seeking a cure for her companion Edwin, who suffers from a werewolf's curse.

Download here!


Voice Cast | "Harry Duckworth"

Soul Beneficiary is an original audiodrama that tells the story of Noelle Reeves, a college sophomore whose life plans are interrupted when she inherits the Antiquity Hotel, a failing ghost tour attraction in the city of Wescaster. Not only is the hotel actually haunted, but Noelle must find a way to protect its inhabitants from something much more sinister.

Listen on YouTube!

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